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We systemize the complexities of major projects and help our clients align implementation realities with corporate requirements and realize best value for their capital investment.

While internal control frameworks help management to better control organizations, robust frameworks for project 

delivery drive project performance.  We understand the processes of internal control and that it is critical for

organizations that project governance is aligned with these processes. We help our clients define and implement 

strategies that allow them to meet their operational objectives and that maximize their control over project outcomes.


We support clients with the following categories of Strategic Advisory Services:

  • Project delivery framework

  • Project definition

  • Project team structure

  • Delivery strategies

  • Feasibility studies

  • Stakeholder consultation

  • Risk assessment


Major projects are major risk factors in public and private sector procurement.  We utilize advanced sourcing strategies to manage business and legal risks and to implement effective project governance mechanisms into vendor contracts.

Applying our extensive industry experience and 

professional training in construction law, we support public and private clients with developing 

procurement and contract documents, creating 

scopes of services, administering procurement processes, evaluating vendor submissions, negotiating contracts and facilitating contract execution.


We understand how to deploy the different delivery methodologies traditional, db, epc, epcm and cm on major construcion projects to maximize our clients' 

value and tailor procurement strategies and contracts accordingly.


Based on our experience with the procurement of 

materials and equipment for the industries heavy 

industrial, energy, marine infrastructure, 

transportation, facility construction and special 

categories including laboratory, medical research and communication, we apply adequate benchmarks, set performance targets and adopt and improve industry best practices. At the bottom line, our progressive approach translates into significant cost and schedule savings as well as a reduction in risk for our clients.


Our team provides unbiased recommendations and assists with the delivery of procurement 

assignments no matter which procurement and contract method is selected.



We have supported clients with the procurement of services in the following areas:

  • Construction

  • Engineering

  • Architectural

  • Project management consultancy

  • Owner's engineer

  • Quantity surveyor

  • Surveyor

  • Interior design

  • Testing services


We have supported clients with the procurement of goods in the following categories:

  • Construction materials

  • Mechanical equipment

  • High/low voltage electrical equipment

  • Fibre optic cable and equipment

  • Transportation system components

  • Laboratory equipment

  • Chemical treatment systems

  • Communication equipment

  • Furniture

  • Commercial appliances

  • Lighting systems

  • Fixtures


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Contract Administration

Continued efficiency during service delivery depends on the proactive administration

of service provider contracts.

Applying our working knowledge of contract types and specifications, our team has administered contracts ranging in value from $5,000 to over $500 million and understands the pros, the cons and the risks associated with each contracting methodology. Our clients value our diligence in administering comprehensive contracts ensuring that contractor performance is in line with contractual obligations including cost, quality and schedule


Our administration services include the following components:

  • Deliverable/service management

  • Cost accounting

  • Schedule management

  • Performance monitoring

  • Change management

  • Claim forecasting

  • Invoice/draw review

  • Communication 

  • QA/QC

  • Legal support

According to a recent study by a leading professional services company, project owners expect to see greater owner/contractor collaboration over the next 5 years.


As industry leaders, we know how to turn this expectation into reality. We give service providers a sense of involvement by applying a collaborative 

management approach and by engaging them in decision making related to 

their services. Our holistic approach to contract administration typically yields increased vendor performance and becomes instrumental to successful service delivery.

Project Management

Project execution is one of the main risks for major capital projects – We add confidence to investments in tangible assets.

Often consulted in times of exponential growth, shortage of qualified resources or for projects outside of existing proficiencies, we plan, organize and control project resources to ensure reliable and economical project outcomes.  From confirming feasibility to detailed planning, over identifying and procuring goods and services to leading design, engineering, construction, testing and commissioning activities, we help clients across the industries to address their challenges and successfully implement projects with them.


Assuming the principal management role, we represent our clients’ best interests throughout the full project life-cycle as an independent service provider. We are resolute where required, diplomatic when useful and always goal oriented and efficient.

Project Controls

Our project controls are grounded on the enterprise control frameworks of our clients

and provide timely, relevant and reliable information for effective decision making.

Depending on entity structure and industry sector, organizations deploy different contracting strategies to take advantage of market trends. We scale our project controls to suit existing management and legal structures and optimize their application to best integrate with the selected contractual arrangements. This holistic approach equips clients with project controls which achieve organizational and project goals conclusively.


We define reporting requirements and protocols, continuously assess risks, conduct dynamic work-flow analysis and diligently apply controlling and monitoring activities to ensure that our clients have access to current information and maximum control over project progress and project costs and that potential areas of concern are addressed proactively.

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